Joel Johnson
Private Investigator

Ethical Investigations Conducted With Integrity

Who am i?

Hi, I'm Joel Johnson.  I am a licensed private investigator based in High Point, North Carolina.  I provide a wide range of investigative services to clients across the state.

How did I get here?  I began my career in law enforcement, where I investigated crimes in both urban and rural environments.  One of my greatest motivators was helping victims seek justice for the wrongs done to them.

I eventually left full-time law enforcement and joined the private sector, where I built investigative software for law enforcement agencies.  This software equipped criminal investigators with the modern tools necessary to conduct thorough investigations and solve crimes.

My interest in the private investigations industry developed after I had the privilege to work with a private investigator who I consider a friend and mentor to this day.  While many in the industry operate on legally-questionable grounds, there are investigators who are driven by integrity and adhere to strict ethical standards.  That is also the origin of my motto: Ethical investigations conducted with integrity.

If I can be of assistance to you, please feel free to reach out.  I work closely with attorneys, businesses, individuals and other organizations to help protect people and assets.  Most of us experience a time where we need a professional to obtain evidence in our favor, conduct background checks, locate criminal history information and even provide personal protection or bodyguard services.  Whatever your need may be, let's talk and see how I can help.  


Criminal Defense

I coordinate with your attorney to help you mount a vigorous legal defense.

Background Check

I obtain information about people you allow into your life, such as prospective employees, potential romantic interests and childcare providers.

Domestic Affair

I help you determine if your significant other is being unfaithful and provide evidence for use in legal proceedings.

Risk Assessment

I identify home or business security risks and offer a suggested course of action.

Person Location

I search for missing persons, such as runaway children, elderly relatives and those avoiding justice.

Civil Litigation

I assist in preparing you for civil litigation, such as child custody and divorce cases.

Asset Location

I search for hidden assets such as money, bank accounts, vehicles, securities and real estate.


I research to determine if someone is deceiving you for financial gain or has stolen your identity.

Bodyguard / Executive Protection

I provide you with personal protection during high-stress situations that may put you in dangerous circumstances.

Why should you choose me?


Your investigation will be handled in a discreet manner.


You will be treated with respect and dignity.


You can rely on me to keep my word.


You will receive reasonable and competitive rates.

On Time

You will receive timely communication and results.


Your case will be handled by an experienced professional.

I have a reputation for finding answers.  I use the investigative techniques I acquired in law enforcement in combination with modern technology to provide you with a customized plan tailored to your specific needs.  Let me help you build the best possible case.  From locating witnesses, obtaining sworn statements, securing evidence and verifying information, I will help prepare you.


High Point, NC

Greensboro, NC

Winston-Salem, NC

My primary service areas are High Point, Greensboro and Winston-Salem, North Carolina as well as the surrounding areas.  However, I am licensed to provide investigative services throughout the State of North Carolina.  Regardless of your location, reach out to discuss your case and we will determine the best route forward, even if it means connecting you with a reputable investigator closer to you.


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